*Made in 2 days for Brakeys Game Jam 2020.2*

The Theme is "Rewind". I took the winding(Rotating/twisting) aspect of it. In the game you have a toy bird that you have to fly. It has a limited amount of power to it and flying drains the power BUT You can gain power by "rewinding" the winder. This is an endless game. You gain points based on you Distance and Height then you can spend them to upgrade your bird to fly further and longer. 

Note: If upgrade's progress bar is glitched please go to settings and reset the game. Thanks!

Controls : Drag and rotate the winder to gain power.  You will gain 100% points on Height and 50% points on distance. Use those points to upgrade your birds to fly longer and further 

Hint: The quicker you rewind it the faster you gain power

Dev's Note:
 So the game jam was 7 days long. But I had to make it in 2 days. I couldn't figure out how to program the winding mechanic due to my inexperience. Then I got really frustrated and decided to quit but somehow gain my motivation to finish the project and I had only 2 days then. I'm very inexperienced so do excuse my mistakes.And this is my first game jam too.



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A very good game.good job

Thanks 😊

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IIt's been a while since I've seen earth... I miss the green trees and the blue sky. Can I imagine those colors anymore? All I see is the dark nothingness of space. 

It feels like I'm only five hundred meters high but the moon is far below me... It doesn't matter... Only cranking matters.. 







The cold here must make it lose capacity, but I don't care. I just keep on cra... 

What? It has negative capacity? 

My bird has turned inside-out and is now sucking the energy out of the universe!

I keep on cranking with my numb, freezing hands but it has no effect. We are approaching the ground at alarming speed. 

I guess this is how it all ends...


Wow..didn't expect that at all😂You are very good with writing.
Thank you so much for playing. You made my day😂❤

*legends say he is still Cracking*


Wow, what a unique challenge. I'm alternating between that up button and rewind crank so hard to keep the bird afloat. It is fun, simple, and addicting. Good job!

I'm really happy you liked it😊Thanks for playing.
A rating would be nice if you already didn't.

Don't worry, rated :)



This remind me of a one flash game that I kinda love one! feel happy to play this.

Addictive to play!

You may take a look my game here . So appreciate if you comment or rate me ;) 

Backtrack | Rewind Hit and Dodge : https://destinos.itch.io/backtrack

Glad to hear that you liked it😊I Will surly check your game too


A very Fun Game.

Thanks 😊

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Neat game man, a bit hard but that's probably cause I'm bad

Check out mine : https://thasennin.itch.io/pink-thing-that-rewinds-time

Thanks man no worries it could be my poor optimization too... 

I will check you game soon !


Hahah love it man!! Frantic fun

Thanks man 😊

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I honestly dont think you can get past 50 XD

CHeck out our game tho lol : https://d-rex-games.itch.io/re-evolv

You can upgrade things to go further.. by the way really liked your game idea and the controls felt good too